Palash Group offers guaranteed return upto 14% to its investors if they choose to investing in any of the project of Palash Group. We have a variety of investment plans for our customers.

Real Estate as an Investment:

Whether you are buying to invest or just like to make sure that your property will not lose value, you should consider certain aspects. However, estimating real estate as an investment takes an effort. You should keep yourself posted on any news or development in the market as you should in any investment opportunity. Read for example the latest news on this site provided to you by Palash Group. The best approach is to ally with a good trustworthy real estate company. Here are some hints:

Look for communities that are likely to become “hot neighborhoods” in the coming years, but may not yet be recognized by the large public. Things to look for are the attractiveness of the area, the infrastructure and the planned projects in the area.

Look for the overall price level of the area and the expected development in prices. High prices do not mean that they will continue to rise! And low prices are not a guarantee for higher prices in the future either.

Look for property that has a general appeal to many people and therefore will be easy to resell.


We offer consultancy on following loans at best rates:

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Mortgage Loan
Car Loan
Personal Loan
Business Loan
CC/OD Loan
Commercial Loan
Project Loan
Gold Loan

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