Golden Rules Of Relocotion

3 Golden Rules which have been devised by Palash Group after having a vast experience in housing and relocating a lot of Senior Executives from Multinational and Foreign Companies and Expatriates.

01Kids First

When you are looking for a house you need to keep the most important factor, which are your kids and their schooling in mind. Since, you are relocating to a new city it is very imperative to get into a good school best suited around your residence. Sometimes, you may have adverse situations, which may be budget constraints or School admission problems or a dream house which you have chosen 15 miles in a different location.

Our suggestion to all parents in this regard is simple, tried, tested and proven that Kids are your priority and you need to centralize your life around them.

02Wife Second

Wives cannot be ignored (excuse us wives, we are making your husbands understand the problems here), sometimes you may have to do what you do not want, but the what the hell, wives need their comfort and space and especially in a New City or a New Country they need to be much taken care of and ensure they are in safe and comfortable surroundings.

Your apartment hunt after having the kids in mind should also keep in mind your wife’s requirement, like being close enough to Markets, Clubs, hospitals and other social obligations which may be required.

03Husband Third

You as a Husband, are the head of the Family and it may be so that for you the sacrifice may be a bit more. In Mumbai, the most important thing is time and understanding the distances from home to office, you may be spending times from 1 hour onwards on a daily basis in your car. But with communications and technology being so advanced with Mobiles and Lap tops, you may find it a bit relaxing on your way to the office or back home and doing your work at ease.

Do give you an illustration a top of the line Insurance Company were sending an Expatriate in Mumbai to start operations for their newly settled office along with their Joint Venture partners who had operations already in Mumbai.

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Golden Rules of Relocation